DFW Hard Money Draw Process

Please watch the following video detailing the draw process.
Submit Draw Request

Complete the Following Steps to Receive Your Draw Funds

Fill Out

Complete the online Draw Request form

Receive Funds

DFW Hard Money can issue your reimbursement funds in 2-5 business days.

How The Draw Works

It is important that you provide us with instructions for accessing the property (lockbox code, key location, etc.) so that we can view the property.

Upon approval of property work completed, an ACH payment to your account will be initiated. Funds will typically post to your account 3-5 days from the time of your online request.

The amount of draw paid is at our discretion and could be based on the project completion percentage, which may result in receiving less than requested. We will take into account the amount of money spent on budgeted items, as well as the amount of unused draw funds remaining.

Important items to note:

  • Borrower must have funds to begin initial repairs
  • Draw fee is $150 per draw
  • No inspection fee
  • Improvements must be inspected prior to draw being issued
  • Proof of paid receipts and invoices must be provided
  • Final draw will not be funded until the project is 100% complete
  • If building permits are open, borrower may be required to get approvals or pass inspection before draw is issued

Upload all photos and documents at DFWHM Uploads then submit the draw form below.

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