Transactional Funding

  • 1 point or minimum of $2,000 on residential
  • 1.5 points or minimum of $4,000 on commercial
  • Two day loan
  • Same day funding available
  • No income or credit requirements
  • All fees/points will be shown on HUD and paid for with proceeds
  • End buyers funds must be at title company with approval to disburse before DFW Hard Money will fund
  • Copy of Executed Deeds required to fund
  • 100% of transaction will be funded
  • Disbursement of buyers funds must be authorized before sellers funding
Transactional Funding is typically a one-day loan used in real estate wholesale transactions requiring a double closing. When the wholesaler does not have enough cash to close the transaction, or the title company will not allow a pass-through closing, transactional funding is needed. The transactions close simultaneously, which ensures all parties to the transaction are able to fund the same day, and the wholesaler’s profit is not known to the buyer.