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“I have been investing with DFW Hard Money for several years and have been so pleased. The communication is wonderful, they are quick to respond to any questions I may have, and I am always paid correctly and on time. These folks are genuine, hardworking, and I trust them implicitly.” 


“I have been very pleased with my investment with your company. DFW Hard Money has been very prompt with the interest deposits to my account every month and I plan on renewing my investment contract at the end of the 12 month period.”


“We have invested with Hard Money since February of 2017 and it has been the most worry free investing we have ever done in our many years of investing.  What they promise is exactly what they produce!   The monthly check for interest is deposited in our account without fail!   We would highly recommend this Investment Company - you are dealing with people of great integrity!”


“My wife and I have had our funds invested with DFW Hard Money for about five years. We have always received our promised monthly interest payments promptly and with no problems. Once or twice we needed to have a portion of our invested funds returned. There has never been any hesitation in returning the needed funds.

Additionally, we’ve invested different amounts of money over a long period of time. Once, when I was reconciling my records as to the amount of money invested with DFW Hard Money, I forwarded my accounting to the firm for confirmation. They responded with an updated listing of my total invested funds. To my surprise, they indicated I had MORE money invested than I had recorded.  This proved to me their honesty and integrity. Finally, the IRS 1099 INT tax records come to me each year like clockwork. No problems.  As far as my wife and I am concerned DFW HARD MONEY is a GREAT INVESTMENT!!”


“Thank you DFW Hard Money!! After considering our investment options with real estate – rehab, foreclosures, short sales, lease options, property management etc., we decided to give Lynn a call. We had researched other companies, and they were fine, but the positive attitude and quick response was amazing with Lynn. We were looking for integrity, honesty, follow through and professional experience in lending. Thank you Lynn and your staff for streamlining the process and keeping it simple for us! We plan to invest more!”


“Since investing with DFW Hard Money over four years ago I could not be happier with the professionalism extended to me by always keeping me well informed of my investment. I would without hesitation recommend them to anyone looking to invest. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express my appreciation for your services.”


“I started lending money to John Pribble in 2012 when he was purchasing rental homes. You could say I was a hard money lender for John when he was building his rental home business. 

As John became more experienced and knowledgeable in the Commercial and residential Real Estate markets, he made the decision to start DFW Hard Money. 

I was lucky to have worked with John for many years as he grew his business so when he started DFW Hard Money it was not a giant leap of faith for me to invest my money with DFW Hard Money. Johns has built a successful organization that embodies his character and forthright honesty. DFW Hard Money has never missed a payment to me or his other lenders. This is true even during the difficult and unknown time of the pandemic.  Not once in over 10 years has a payment been even one day late.”


“DFW Hard Money has been very easy to work with and very responsive.  Even though we are relatively small investors, they have provided a level of service you would expect to receive with a much larger account.  Payments have always been timely and they have answered any questions we asked.  We are very happy with our decision to invest with them and will continue to do so.“


“I have done business with John Pribble for eight years, he first started managing houses for me in 2015.  He did an excellent job, I had no issues with either performance or ethics.  The houses maintained occupancy and rents were collected.  It was a pleasure.  For the last 4 years I have invested with him and DFW Hard Money and everything has gone according to plan.  The interest payments have been paid every time without me having to ask. I would recommend Hard Money lending without hesitation.”

Michael B.

“I can confidently say that deciding to invest in DFW Hard Money has been, and continues to be, one of the best financial decisions I have ever made. Working with John over the past 6 years has been nothing short of exceptional. He has proved himself to be trustworthy, reliable, and principled not only in the way he operates his business, but also in the nature of his character. In fact, my mother became an investor after hearing me speak so positively of John and DFW Hard Money throughout the years, and she has had the same delightful experience to date. To anyone who is looking for a solid investment with an excellent rate of return, I would unequivocally encourage them to look no further than DFW Hard Money.”


“In personal and business dealings trust is the most important factor. We have invested with DFW Hard Money for going on 2 years, we have upped our investment once and are in the process of re-upping our investment once again. It is a trust that has been well earned.

What distinguishes DFW Hard Money from practically any other investment company is the detailed and most importantly personal interaction with the company on all levels. It is more than filling out papers and sending it on to someone you don’t know, but clear, personal interaction every step of the way to make sure it is done correctly and giving us a peace of mind that it is being handled in the required manner.

Payments are made in a timely manner with regular statements and corporate interaction. We highly recommend DFW Hard Money and your full consideration for investing.”

Bill L.

“My six years of investing with DFW Hard Money has proven to be an excellent way to keep capital deployed, generating a good return with low risk. DFW Hard Money is managed by veteran real estate professionals who know property valuations, have a steady stream of investable opportunities, and keep money diversified to mitigate risk. I highly recommend DFW Hard Money as a successful way to invest in real estate.”


“I have been investing with John Pribble and the team at DFW Hard Money since 2017.  After getting a taste of the Hard Money lending rewards, I started on a mission to find something to get even better results.  I have failed.  I have started to learn how money really works.  It is very hard to find an investment vehicle that provides the APY returns equal to DFW Hard Money.  It may be impossible to find something that gets the returns they provide with such an extremely low risk and with so little effort.  I have access to solid investment opportunities in foreign countries but the effort to capitalize on anything that returns APY close to DFW Hard Money is monumental with significantly more risk.  I recently completed certification forms to become an Accredited Investor in my journey to figure out how money works.  Mr. Pribble put me on a path to see what financial success looks like.  I cannot un-see the things I have learned about money.  Unless you are into Crypto, you may not find something as good as DFW Hard Money Lending.  Even if you are into Crypto, (or, anything else) there is no better place I can find to park those profits while providing diversification.  For now, I will continue to divert profits and income into DFW Hard Money Lending and count my steady and constant monthly flow of mailbox money. Thank You Mr. John Pribble and Team.”


"I am grateful for the opportunity to invest with DFW Hard Money as this is a much better reward and experience than what I am receiving from my 401K.  The team is trustworthy and I’ve had the opportunity to watch them grow and for me to grow with them. I am grateful for the incredible work ethic and communication.”

Linda O.

“Each month like clockwork my interest payment hits my checking account. As a retiree, I depend on this cash infusion and DFW Hard Money never disappoints. This year, with the high volatility of equities and bonds, I have really appreciated the stability of this investment. It’s a smart way to diversify your portfolio with real estate.”

Laura W.

“Our journey with DFW Hard Money started four years ago, and we have always had positive experiences.  Our company, opened in 1997 where we banked with another company until four years ago.  After doing our research, we decided to make the switch, and knew from the start that we made the right decision.  

Through our company, we construct: county remodels, residential land developments and single family new construction projects.  DFW Hard Money has created opportunities for more development and has grown our company. After working with John Pribble and DFW Hard Money to finance our projects, we decided the next step was to invest with them. We continue our business relationship with them because of the ease and availability for funding for the projects we need for our company, as well as the return on the funds we have invested with them.”

Don S.

“I have known and been investing with John Pribble for over a decade.  By nature I am a bit skeptical of non-traditional investments, but became much more comfortable once I got to know John, understood his background and learned the processes and standards he required from his borrowers.  Beyond understanding the markets, the building requirements and codes and more from his personal experience, John's experience in selecting the right opportunities has allowed him to grow a solid risk-managed portfolio of loans.  I have recommended John to family and friends and look forward to a continuing relationship.”

Mark K.

“I have intended for some time now, to write you and your business partner a word of commendation as to our investment with DFW Hard Money.  I began serious investments well over forty years ago.  Those years of ups and downs created many anxious experiences for me and my wife. I can remember a time that one could invest in C.D.'s and receive a good return without the threat of losing your initial investment.  However, those days are forever a distant memory. The worries and concerns that I had for all those years of being solely in the Stock and Bonds markets were erased when I found you!  Although almost everyone who lost as much as I did with the financial crisis of 2008, enter a new way of investing with some reluctance.  The ease of transferring my IRA investment to DFW Hard Money was a breeze.  Every month I receive a deposit into my Bank with the interest accrued from DFW Hard Money without delay or excuses.  What an absolute joy and treasure this has become for us!!  To think that in 2022 one can invest his portfolio of funds, into your great organization, and with great dependability, receive a very worthy return in interest, and still maintain your original investment amount, is unheard of in today's financial world. 

John, please accept our profound gratitude and appreciation for your moral integrity and business savvy, in particular the Real Estate market. for delivering everything you have promised.  We enthusiastically want to give you and DFW Hard Money, our full and confident endorsement.  If we can ever assist you in helping potentially new investors, to join our family in the most positive investment of our lives, please without delay let me know. My best to you and your team as you continue to expand and grow this great Company.”


“I have been a client of DFW Hard Money for approximately 5 years and have entrusted them with funds in the mid seven-digit range. They have earned my continued trust over this time due to the professional way in which they conduct their business. Payments due me are usually received before they are actually due. Communication concerning my investment is outstanding. I plan on being a happy client for the foreseeable future.”


“Being a fairly conservative person when coming to investments, I had my suspicion concerning putting money into this type of investment. I had learned of John and DFW Hard Money from a mutual friend. I contacted John, and he sent me information to review, including examples of return on investment. After reviewing this, I met with John and his lovely wife (Keri) for dinner. He explained the whole process, answer all my questions, and explained his vision and path for DFW Hard Money. In that meeting, I also learned a lot about John, such as his devout Christian beliefs, loving husband, a published author, outdoorsman, and a leader to all his employees. I recently had the opportunity to meet all his employees and they love him. So, I had a great feeling about John and John’s character, and decided to move forward with DFWHM investment. Even though I am not one of his larger investors, he still treats me as if I invested millions.

The process was easy, and my monthly return has been as stated, never late. I have since advised family and friends to invest with DFW Hard Money. One relative invested earlier this year and is now in the process of adding additional funds to their investment. I highly recommend DFW Hard Money as an investment opportunity to anyone. They are honest, easy to work with, and keep me informed on current housing market and. Thanks John for this opportunity.”


“I highly recommend DFW Hard Money!  Working with John has been a real blessing!”


“John, just a note to say how much I have enjoyed my involvement with you and your company. I have been with you for many years, from your days of small real estate projects to your current involvement in much larger commercial ventures. Never has a month gone by without a check or electronic deposit hitting my bank on or before it was due. And regardless of how much you have grown, you have been responsive to all inquiries, large and small, always same day. I plan to continue working with you as a lender for the foreseeable future and am confident it will be a profitable and professional experience.”


“We rolled the capital from selling our rental home in 2019 into an investment with DFW-Hard Money, and we've had a great experience.  DFW Hard Money provided steady, hassle-free income throughout the pandemic.  Our monthly direct deposits are like clockwork.”


“DFW Hard Money is providing me secure investment opportunities with excellent returns.  The team is always available to answer questions and provides monthly updates on performance.  For years I have experienced consistent returns, quality support and advice which has grown my portfolio and continues to secure my future.”

Don O.

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