Terms For Land Development Loans

  • Loan terms are 6-12 months depending on borrower and project
  • Interest rate ranges from 13% - 14%
  • 3-3.50 points
  • 24Hour close time
  • Same day approval
  • Interest only payments
  • No prepayment penalty for early payoff
  • 30 and 90 day extension options at lender's discretion
  • All closing costs and points are due from borrower at closing
  • LTV up to 70% of ARV
  • $3,000 Closing fee - includes desktop appraisal, documents, processing, & flood cert
  • Loans available from $150,000 - $50,000,000
  • Entity borrowers only
Successful land developers have a specialized skillset and knowledge required to handle all the moving parts and phases involved in land development. It is just as important to have a lender that understands the needs of the developer and can work in tandem with them to make the project as profitable as possible. Over the last several years land developments have soared. The need of housing for both retail and build-to-rent builders as well as apartments and commercial space has increased. Many cities have been willing to assist developers by establishing improvement districts and contributing funds to projects. Choosing a lending partner that understands these intricacies is tantamount.

Streamlining Land Development Loans

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The Benefits of Hard Money for Development Loans

  • Higher LTC than traditional financing
  • No seasoning requirements
  • Quick closings often with no appraisal
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Creative and flexible agreements

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DFW Hard Money Land Development Loans

  • Residential housing
  • Multi-Family housing
  • Retail
  • Mixed use
  • Commercial

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