1-4 Fix & Flip Loan Terms

  • 12% - 13% Interest Rate
  • 6 Month Loan Term
  • Loans From $150,000-$500,000
  • 2-3.50 Points
  • 24-Hour Close Time
  • Same Day Approval
  • Interest Only Payments
  • No Prepayment Penalty for Early Payoff
  • No Previous Project Requirements
  • LTV Up To 70%
  • Entity Borrowers Only
  • All Closing Costs and Points Due at Closing
  • 30 and 90 Day Extension Options at Lender's Discretion
  • $1,200 Closing Fee - Includes Desktop Appraisal, Documents, Processing, & Flood Cert
Investing in house flipping requires time and knowledge. Taking a little extra time and paying attention to detail now can make you profitable down the road. Finding the right company to help invest in your house flipping projects is paramount to a successful investment career! DFW Hard Money is available to you, and ready to be part of your path to success.

Fix and Flip Loans Made Easy

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With our 24-hour close time we can deliver fast and reliable lending

  • Fill out our free no-obligation application
  • Send project details to DFWHM for review
  • Once closed and funded begin repairs
  • List the property for sale or apply for your refinance
  • Request your loan payoff!

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A few house flipping guidelines

  • Educate yourself on the project location
  • Educate yourself on the project pricing
  • Educate yourself on local demand
  • Set the projects budget
  • Get lender approval before signing

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