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Fort Worth Hard Money Loans for Real Estate

Hard money loans are loans that are otherwise “hard to get” from a traditional lending source, such as your local bank. Many real estate investors use hard money loans because they can often borrow up to 100% of the purchase price!

There are a number of ways people refer to the loans that real estate investors make from a lending source. Some refer to the lenders as private money lenders, and others just refer to them as hard money lenders.  Both can mean the same thing, however. In each case, it is a lender who will offer borrowers a hard money loan, that is, a loan that it would be hard to qualify from a bank.

Hard Money is a term that you will almost only hear in the United States or Canada. This is where these types of loans are most common. In commercial real estate, hard money developed as an alternative “last resort” for property owners seeking capital against the value of their holdings. The hard money lending industry began around the late 1950s when the credit industry in the United States underwent desperate revisions.

A hard money loan is simply an asset-based loan in which a borrower receives cash that is secured by real estate.  Most hard money loans are used for real estate projects or investments that typically last a few months to a few years.

DFW Hard Money offers loans to real estate investors in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. We strive to make the process quick and easy for all parties to the transaction and offer competitive rates in the current hard money lending marketplace.

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