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Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Investing

Looking for hard money lenders for Dallas-Fort Worth real estate investments? DFW Hard Money is a lender offering real estate hard money loans in the Fort Worth, Dallas area.

We Are a Direct Lender and We Make the Decisions.

Being direct private money lenders in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has its benefits for you. One of the biggest ones is we are a direct lender to real estate professionals, we are not slowed down by having to find an investor to make your loan, we are the lender. We can make decisions fast allowing you to fund that investment deal before the competition even knows about it.

Why Use a Dallas-Fort Worth Hard Money Lender?

Hard money lenders are a good choice for those looking for flexible loan terms, such as interest-only payments with a balloon or a fully amortizing loan. Using a Dallas-Fort Worth hard money loan with DFW Hard Money loans can be used for financing any type of real estate in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, from bare land, commercial flipping, rehabbing to residential income property.

Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Investors use Hard Money Lenders.

Hard money lenders are often used by real estate investors looking to bypass the red tape of conventional lenders with their burdensome and time-consuming lending prerequisites. Real estate investors know that hard money lenders bases their loan decision primarily on the equity position of the borrower.

Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Investing

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Investment Real Estate Loans Dallas-Fort Worth.

DFW Hard Money is a lender offering investment real estate loans in Fort Worth, Dallas, and the DFW Metroplex.  We strive to make the process quick and easy for all parties to the transaction and offer competitive rates in the current hard money lending marketplace.

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Fort Worth Real Estate Investment Loans

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