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How Real Estate Investors Get a Loan from DFW Hard Money

Can real estate investors get a loan from us? – Obtaining a real estate investment loan from DFW Hard Money is a simple and smooth process. 

The first step is to apply by filling out the free, no obligation, application at dfw-hardmoney.com/application.  

Once the application is received, a sales representative will reach out to you to confirm and answer any questions. 

An email with the detailed list of application requirements needed for approval will be sent by the sales rep.

Simply follow the instructions and links to provide all documents and forms needed and upload them at the secure link on the application requirements document. 

After all documentation has been submitted, the loan coordinator will review to ensure completion.

The final step for pre-approval will be a review of credit. 

DFW Hard Money has loan programs that work with all credit profiles. 

Once pre-approved, a pre-approval letter will be generated and emailed.

Next comes approval of the property in which you wish to get a loan. 

The sales team will ask for property details, such as:

  • Address
  • Purchase price
  • Rehab amount
  • ARV
  • Photos of the Property

This information will be utilized to produce a terms sheet that will be emailed to you.

The loan coordinator will send you an email requesting your scope of work for the rehab, to be completed and approved by our draw manager.

At this point, DFW Hard Money is ready for closing once the title company or closing attorney is ready.

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