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What DFW Hard Money Looks for in a Real Estate Borrower

DFW Hard Money requires that borrowers have a minimum of 35k cash in their account, seasoned for the previous three months.  Borrowers with seasoned cash have demonstrated they have the funds and the discipline to manage the finances required to buy and flip, or buy and rent then refinance a property. 

Acceptable seasoned funds include cash, lines of credit, home equity lines of credit, money market accounts, stocks, and other assets that can be liquidated quickly.

DFW Hard Money will review the borrowers credit profile.  While there is no minimum required credit score, higher scores can qualify for better terms such as:

  • Lower points
  • Lower interest rate
  • Higher LTV
  • Higher LTC
  • First draw funded at closing

Borrowers experience is another factor DFW Hard Money takes into consideration.  No experience is required to qualify for a loan for fix and flip or buy and hold (BRRR).  However, experience is required for large rehabs, high ARV properties, new construction, and development projects.  More experience can qualify for better terms such as those stated above.

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