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Who Makes Hard Money Loans in Fort Worth Texas?

Hard money loans in Dallas/Fort Worth can be lent by a private investor or lender as well as a commercial lender. These are the main two types of lenders that can be found today. They are not easy to find if you are not looking for them.

The first place to look is in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Most hard money lenders like to be nearby their borrowers so they can see the property that they have the potential to foreclose and know the area around them. They do not like to give out loans to customers that do not live in the vicinity.

The main type of hard money lenders is private. They are more prominent than commercial lenders which is the other type of hard money lender.

In some cases, these two work together.

A company gathers in the customers and then contacts a private investor to provide the loan to this customer. This is the newer style of hard money lending. This way the private investor only has to provide the loan, the rest of the paperwork is up to the company itself. Any investor is in this for the money not for the love of the business.

Although there are commercial hard money lending companies, they do not advertise widely like other commercial companies. You may find listings in your local paper but you will not hear about hard money lending companies on the radio or television. These types of businesses are normally low-key but always around, you just need to find them.

Be aware that there is no real difference between a private or a commercial hard money lender. They both will charge around the same interest rates and they both will insist you use your home and property as collateral if you cannot pay off your loan by the selected date.

If you are in need of a hard money loan the best way is to check your local papers and call around to loan companies and mortgage lenders. These are the people who will know where you can find a hard money lender, whether it be commercial or private. Do not be afraid to do the research, there is always a hard money lender nearby you just have to look closely.

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