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Hard Money Lenders in Houston – How DFW is Better for Real Estate Lending

How does DFW Hard Money Compare to other Hard Money Lenders in Houston?

August 2, 2019

Securing a hard money loan for your investment property can be a difficult process.

Many hard money lenders in Houston require a lot of paperwork up front, have hidden terms that can hurt the borrower, and act as middlemen answering to third parties.

This can lead to issues in the lending process since the lenders themselves aren’t have the final say in the loan approval or denial. Those issues either cause a delay or change the loan terms so much that it makes them unreasonable for the borrower.

So, how do you make the process easier and shorten the approval time?

Turn to DFW Hard Money for your hard money loan needs.

No Middleman or Third Parties

DFW Hard Money’s loan funding is 100% in-house. By cutting out the middleman and any third parties, our streamlined process ensures your information is safe, and approvals are quick – with some approvals coming through in just 24 hours.

Minimal Documentation and Competitive Rates

DFW Hard Money requires nominal paperwork so that we can help you get your project started as soon as possible. For individuals or real estate investors, we work to make the process as smooth as possible. With our in-house funding, we can approve your loan with less hassle and competitive rates within the industry.

Transparency is Key

There are no hidden terms and conditions within our loan process. We keep things as simple as possible to minimize surprises and delays of any kind.

We Support First Time Home Investors

Most hard money lenders only want borrowers who are experienced local home flippers. DFW Hard Money works with the first-time home investor to secure a loan and move on to future investments!

We’re the Hard Money Lender Houston Investors Turn To

Whether this is your first hard money loan or you are an established real estate investor, we will work with you to ensure you are happy with every step of the process.

DFW Hard Money is a private hard money lender now serving the Houston market. Please contact us for any questions!

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