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Finding Trustworthy Atlanta Hard Money Loans – Let Us Help!

Finding trustworthy hard money lenders in Atlanta, GA, for business purposes is easier than you might think. We provide Atlanta Hard Money Loans, so if you are looking to buy and sell real estate properties, then DFW Hard Money has the right options for you. With the greater Atlanta area now included in our service areas, we are providing funding for a variety of real estate transactions.

Easy Loan Process

The process with some private money lenders in Georgia for hard money loans can be difficult, but the team at DFW Hard Money makes it easier with free applications, same-day approval, and 24-hour closings. To get started, you must fill out an application with all your financial information. With the required documents completed, the approval process takes around one day.

Sheet Lending Terms and Fees

Our loan terms are competitive and transparent. Requirements include an $850 fee for closing costs, only non-owner occupant loans (individuals and corporations allowed), a personal guarantee, and for the lender to be in the first position.

A few of the term highlights include:

  • 10% – 13% Interest Rate
  • 6- and 12-Month Loan Terms
  • 1.5-3.50 Points
  • No Previous Project Requirements
  • Individual and Entity Borrowers

For an explanation of all sheet lending terms, like ARV, loan amount, purchase price, LTV, and more, please watch this video.

Real Estate Loans and Closing Time

We fund entrepreneurs and corporations with real estate loans for fix and flips, commercial properties, developments, and more. Closing is quick and can take as little as 24 hours or as soon as the property title is clear. For our transactional funding, same-day funding is available.


DFW stands out from other private money lenders in Georgia because we do not outsource to any third parties. We are the sole decision-maker in all transactions, making us a true and trustworthy private money lender. Our rates are competitive, and our process is straightforward and easy.

Hard Money Loans Atlanta – Contact us today to get funding for your real estate investment in Atlanta, Georgia.

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