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4 Benefits to a Hard Money Loan for Real Estate Investing

Using hard money loans for investing in Real Estate has several benefits.  For one, the application process for a hard money loan tends to be considerably faster than a comparably sized conventional loan application.

Many real estate investors use hard money loans to invest in real estate projects, be it a rehab, or simply purchase a property that has potential when you may not have the available cash to invest. However, there are several other benefits to a hard money loan that you may not have considered. 

1) In many cases, hard money can be lower than cash flow financing facilities like subordinated debt and factoring.

2) As a bridge loan, these funds are normally outstanding for a short period of time, so the shorter the use, the lower the potential cost.

3) From a cash flow point of view, an interest-only payment can still be less strain on the cash flow even at a high rate.

4) Hard money can also be extended against non-real estate assets where real estate is still the primary security in the overall security package for the loan.

A hard money loan for investing in real estate can be the best way to go in the long run. Investors can take out hard money loans to buy a property, as long as they provide acceptable collateral – in this case, it could even be the property they’re buying.

The strategy here is to find a pre-foreclosure property or any real estate with an owner prepared to sell below market value. Then, if the investor can resell the property at full market value before too much interest is paid on the hard money loan, they can make a significant profit.

Using hard money loans for investing in real estate is a great way to get started in real estate investing and even help seasoned investors grow their investment strategies.

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