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Austin Hard Money Lenders – Loans For Real Estate And Commercial Investment

Are you looking for a Hard Money Lender in Austin Texas?

Do you need an Austin, TX loan?

If so, please keep on reading – we are the best lender of hard money loans in Austin, TX

This is a brief lending guide for you to help secure funds for your real estate or commercial project.

We outline what we think you need to know.

Our role is to get your project into profit as quickly and hassle-free as possible.

Hard Money Lender

Hard Money Loans Is What We Do Here

Austin, Texas, is growing rapidly in terms of economic growth and prosperity.

There’s no doubt that the state & the area is expanding, and your project may be part of that expansion.

Could you do with some financial help? from a trusted lender? who knows their loans?

Austin Hard Money Loan Program and Funds – Why Should You Use One?

What are the reasons people/companies try and get hard money loans in Austin?

A low, competitive interest rate is the first factor that is advantageous.

The ability to close quickly is the second factor for using this type of loan (in Austin or anywhere).

Using a rehab investment property is a perfect example of why these loans can be important. The real estate investor wants to purchase the property quickly at a low cost and loan amount and turn it around quickly to make a profit from the sale or rent it to bring in income.

To achieve this, you may need a hard money loan from an Austin hard money lender – Us!

Investment Strategies For Hard Money in Austin – 4 of the Main Ones

1 – Fix and Flip Austin Properties

This is a staple of our source of business of money lending – short term fix flip projects.

You buy a property that needs some repair, renovate it, and then sell the house at a profit.

Here is an article you may find of interest if you want to learn more – Fix and Flip Houses: How Do I Start Flipping Houses?

2 – Commercial Loans

This is essentially the same as the flix & flip method of making a profit, except you are dealing with commercial properties & construction loans – warehouses, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, retail premises, restaurants, clubs, and bars.

The properties may be new, ground-up construction, renovations, or even change-of-use projects.

The aims are still the same as the residential projects – to take ownership, do the work required, sell for a profit, or rent out for income.

These projects are more expensive, making the final loan amount even more important. The usual route of traditional banks can be long-winded and expensive. Using a hard money lender from Austin can determine whether the commercial venture is a success or a failure.

Some more information on our commercial terms can be found here – Commercial Terms

3 – Austin Based Transactional Funding:

Transactional funding can apply to all projects – residential, commercial buildings, farms, and farmland (including ranches).

There is only 1 purpose – transactional funding allows a lender to loan funds to a project to allow a quick turnaround in the short term.

We provide hard funds to Austin buyers to close the deal while waiting for the funds to come through.

Read more here – Transactional Funding & What is Transactional Funding?

4 – Land Development:

Altering the landscape of an Austin commercial or Austin residential asset is referred to as Land development. In the same way, the previous 3 projects require hard money loans. This is no different.

Austin land development can be complicated. Detailed knowledge in this arena is often required, especially when estimating the amount of money required for the development and new construction.

Private Lender = Private Lending

hard money lenders in Austin TX
Hard Money Lenders Austin

The Hard Money Loans Process – What Does It Look Like?

Getting a hard money loan requires a private lender and private money.

You want to deal with a trusted and experienced hard lender in Austin, and you should look no further than us – DFW Hard Money – Trusted Lenders

Looking into the best Austin lenders is the wise course of action to begin your search – check out our Google Review here and ensure we are involved.

Always be aware that not all hard money lenders are fully transparent and may have hidden fees. You won’t find that is the case with us.

We offer an easy loan process.

We will also offer you advice from all our experiences to help you navigate your Austin real estate project, whether commercial or residential.

This should help the deal, loan, and lending go smoothly and hassle-free.

They will also offer you advice and help you navigate the unique challenges that can arise. In the end, your deal will go much more smoothly and stress-free.

Read more about our team and us there – About DFW-HARDMONEY

How Do I Start The Loan Process?

That is easy!

All it takes is you fill out our loan application form here – Application Form For Loan

It is very simple and won’t take long to complete.

If you want to read a bit more about it first, then look here – Application Requirements For Loan

What Are The Loan Terms?

Our requirements are very clear and transparent – be wary of those that are not!

The Loan Terms Page can be found HERE

They are very simple.

If you have any questions about your next real estate project, then please contact us

Below is a short video explaining all the lending terms involved in securing an Austin hard money loan from us as lenders:

About Austin Hard Money:
Hard Money Lenders Austin Texas

We have over 20 years of real estate & real estate loan experience, and we have helped many investors succeed with hard money loans.

We’re a private Austin money lender serving real estate investors flipping Austin houses. We deal in private money for whoever needs funds for Austin commercial property investments, transactional funding, developments, and more.

Hard Money Lenders Austin, TX
We Are Trusted – We Are Professional

We also operate in the following areas:

DFW, Denver and Colorado, Birmingham and Alabama, Tampa and Florida, Atlanta and Georgia, Kansas and Missouri, OKC and Oklahoma, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Nashville and Tennessee, Salt Lake City and Utah and Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio

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Learn more about DFW Hard Money, call (817) 200-7575, or complete a no-obligation application today.

We’re happy to supply you with references and testimonials from the many real estate investors we’ve helped over the years.

Austin, TX

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