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Hard Money Lenders Colorado Springs – Best Private Loans & Lending in Colorado

Are you looking for hard money lenders in Colorado Springs? Do you need a Denver hard loan? Could a Colorado-based project benefit from hard money from a money lender, e.g., flip loans, bridge loans, and private money loans?

Yes? – Well, you have come to the right place! – We are here to help!
We are Colorado Hard Money Lenders.

The search should start for a hard money lender or hard loans Colorado Springs, and this should start with us!

This lender can help across Colorado!
Private loans are what we do!

In that case, this lending guide is for you. Whether Colorado Springs is a new market for you or you’ve invested in CO before – we outline what you need to know to get the finance you need.

We want to help you turn a profit quickly with your next real estate project.

Denver & Colorado Springs Best Hard Lender
& Investment Property Loans.

The state has the right mix for rapid economic growth and long-term prosperity.

Colorado is a state on the up. It has seen growth even throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Private Loan Program – When You Should Use

Being able to close a deal quickly & having a low-interest rate are two reasons hard money loans are used.

Your 1st job is to secure the purchase of the property investment.

The 2nd job is to get a decent return on your investment.

This is where an established Colorado Springs private money lender like ourselves can be used.

Top Four Investment Strategies That Are Used.

1 – Fixing a property & then flipping it – Flip Loans & Bridge Loans

This is a staple in our industry. People buy a property that needs to be repaired, renovated, or updated. Then flip it (sell it) for a decent profit (fix flip loans).

Finding the right property and obtaining it at a discount due to its appearance is a crucial skill that makes this approach work.

More info here – How do I start flipping houses? & Checklist for flipping houses

2 – Commercial Property & Commercial Real Estate:

This includes warehouses, medical offices, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, retail strip centers, etc.

Traditional banking in Denver, Colorado Springs & across Colorado, like most US States, can be a long, drawn-out, and red tape-filled affair. This does not help the real estate investor.

You are at the mercy of the bank, which will gladly dig up all manner of reasons why they shouldn’t lend to you – credit scores & bad credit history being a few.

If you overcome this obstacle, you must deal with the issues arising from a mortgage and mortgage rates.

3 – Transactional Funding In Colorado

The roles of transactional funding allow the buyer to quick-turn the property to another buyer. This can be across the whole real estate sector – Homes, commercial property, farming etc.

We are able to give funds to our clients whilst they wait for the buyer’s funds to come through – this then can be used on other projects without being held up.

4 – Denver & Colorado Springs Land Development:

Land development is changing the landscape and can be residential or commercial in nature.

Finding finance for land development can be harder than the previous types of funding as the details and the costs tend to be much higher, and more experience and knowledge are required.

Working out how much of a loan is required and the project’s overall costs is a good place to start – DFW Hard Money is a good place to start if you need help.

Hard Money Lenders Colorado Springs – What To Expect?
What Does The Denver Hard Lending Process Look Like?

Securing a hard money loan quickly is one of the ways to be successful. This also needs to come from trusted private lenders.

Keep an eye out for Companies that are not transparent with their costs & hidden fees – This article can help.

We are a trusted and established (Est. 2016) hard money lender in Colorado. We have 2 CO locations – Denver & Colorado Springs. We operate an easy loan process for both residential and commercial projects.

Offering a helping hand – we want your Colorado-based project to go smoothly and with as little hassle or stress as possible. We are on hand to offer advice to help your real estate project no matter what size, shape, or cost.

Striving to make the loan process as easy as possible – there are free applications, same-day approval loans, and closing within 24 hours. Contact our team if you have any questions.

Starting the process is simple – fill in this Loan Application with some basic financial information which you should be able to do in 10 minutes or less!

When this is completed, approval can be done in one day so that you can start your property investment opportunity ASAP!

What Sheet Lending Terms and Fees Should You Expect?

Getting a good rate is a massive deal regarding money investment. You must avoid companies that hide fees and/or are not transparent about costs. Do your due diligence and look into the companies you are considering.

Go for experience and trust. We have both of these attributes but look into us yourself!

All our terms are very clearly laid out on our Loans & Terms Page

In short – an $850 fee for closing costs. Only non-owner-occupant loans are allowed. A personal guarantee is required.

Colorado Loan Terms – What You Need To
Know About Private Money

Is your Denver or Colorado Springs project worth pursuing? – you need to collate some information.

After Repair Value (ARV) is essential before starting a project. This is basically, once you bought the property, repaired or renovated it, what it is now worth. If this value isn’t enough to cover your costs and provide a decent return on your investment, then the project is a non-starter.

The 3-minute video below explains a Term Sheet & all you need to know:

Colorado Spring CO Fast Money Loans
Real Estate Hard Money and Closing Time in COS

How quickly can the lender/company you choose close and provide the money?

The answer to this question is essential. It is vital to make a project work and be profitable/worthwhile.

Check the testimonials of the companies – We have nearly 100 Google Reviews, and we are rated 4.8Check out all our reviews HERE

Check that closing in as little as 24 hours is possible (it is!) with the company you are considering.

hard money lender colorado
DFW Hard Money – Denver, Colorado Springs & across Colorado

Colorado Hard Money – Denver & CO
Hard Money Lending At Its Best!

With over 20 years of real estate & real estate loan experience, DFW has helped many investors succeed.

We’re a private company serving real estate investors who are flipping houses and need funds for commercial property investments, transactional funding, developments, and more.

Hard Money Lender Denver
Hard Money Lender Colorado Springs
– A Trusted Colorado Real Estate Investor –

We operate hard money lending in the following areas:

DFW, Denver and Colorado, Birmingham and Alabama, Tampa and Florida, Atlanta and Georgia, Kansas and Missouri, OKC and Oklahoma, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Nashville and Tennessee, Salt Lake City and Utah and Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio

1-4 Fix and Flip | Commercial | Multi-Family | Land Development | Vertical Construction | Transactional Funding | Purchase Price Only

Learn more about DFW-HardMoney, call (817) 200-7575, or complete a no-obligation application today.

We’re happy to supply you with references and testimonials from the many real estate investors we’ve helped over the years.

More Information:

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COS – Vacation Guide: https://www.visitcos.com/
COS Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colorado_Springs,_Colorado
COS Real Estate News: https://realestate.usnews.com/places/colorado/colorado-springs
Google Page #1 Results for Colorado Springs incl Knowledge Panel: https://allmylink.me/COR-USA

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