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Hard Money Lenders Birmingham – The Best Hard Loans in Alabama

Your search for a hard money lender in Birmingham Alabama should start with us!

DFW Hard Money is a Birmingham lender that can help your project.
Hard Money Alabama Loans is what we do!

We can help you turn a profit quickly with your next Alabama real estate project.

A Hard Money Birmingham Lender You Can Trust
Investment Property Loans Across AL

Birmingham Alabama & AL is ever-expanding, thus making it an excellent place for investment for today and the future. If you are undertaking any type of real estate project then please keep our number handy. You never know when you may need a hand to push you over the finishing line.

Hard Money Loans – When Should You Use Them?

The 2 main reasons are when you need to close or get something completed quickly and when the interest rate is competitive enough to make it work.

Having this can change the outlook & outcome of your investments – it can lead to a sale with a profit or a finished project drawing rental income

This is where hard money lenders can help.

What Are The Main Investment Strategies In Birmingham
When It Comes To Hard Money?

1 – Fixing and Flipping Property:

The age-old practice of ‘fix and flip’ where a property is bought that needs repairing or renovating – doing the required work and then selling it on for a profit. Money lenders have practiced this for decades and in 2022 in Birmingham Alabama, it will be no different.

A major factor in how profitable this process can be is speed. Time is money as they say. Getting the job done and sold is the key. Having access to fast hard money funds from hard money lenders can be key – especially at the right price!

More info here – How do I start fixing and flipping houses? & Checklist for fix and flip

2 – Commercial Use:

Commercial properties, whatever they may be – warehouses, offices, shops, manufacturing, etc are not dissimilar from ‘fix and flip’ except they are commercial buildings/facilities rather than residential.

The same principles are in play. Get in, do the work and get out by either selling or renting/leasing.

Due to the commercial nature of these projects, larger sums are often in play which means involving banks that can be very slow and paperwork focussed. They can also be expensive and rigidly structured.

Involving banks will often focus on you rather than the project at hand – bad credit, personal loan credit score problems, and minimum credit score, being a few. Thus overlooking the real estate project’s potential.

A hard money loan with the right hard money lender can look past all this, see the potential and help the investor.

3 – Transactional Funding:

Transactional funding can apply to all manner of real estate – residential, commercial, etc

The role of this funding is always for other projects to happen e.g. DFW Hardmoney would provide funds for the buyers closing while waiting for their buyer’s funds to come through. This allows those seeking this to get hold of money that is coming so they can get started on a new project.

4 – Land Development:

Land developing projects are any project that changes the landscape of a property asset – a house, a factory, a warehouse, some offices, or even just bare land itself.

Like #2 and Commercial use, this can involve larger sums and rely on slow-moving & bureaucratic companies i.e. banks.

What Does A Hard Money Lending Process
in Birmingham AL Look Like?

As a private lender – DFW Hard Money can organize a loan very quickly to help your project succeed.

Not all money lenders in Birmingham are transparent like us and will try and hide fees. This is not how we work – this is why we are highly trusted and highly recommended.

Having been doing this for many years and have a lot of experience which we are very willing to pass on to our clients and our potential clients – we are here to offer advice and make your real estate Alabama project go as smoothly (& quickly) as possible!

An easy loan process

Free applications.

Same-day approval.

24-hour closing.

Just complete a simple private money loan application with your financial information. It takes about 10 minutes.

Once we have all the information we require we can get back to you within 24 hours.

As a trusted private money lender, our requirements are unambiguous and can be found here – DFW Hard Money’s Loan Terms

They include an $850 fee for closing costs.
Only non-owner occupant loans (individuals and corporations allowed).
A personal guarantee.
Lender to be in the first position.

Here is a video to help explain it all:

Hard Money Loans Birmingham Alabama –
Real Estate Loans and Closing Time:

Closing quickly is essential. Private money lenders like us, pride ourselves on our speed!

You need to check out the testimonials from previous clients to see if the company you are thinking of using can be trusted.

We can:

Birmingham hard money loans in Alabama state
We are a trusted hard money lender of hard money loans – Birmingham Alabama

They should also have proven examples of where they have closed in as little as 24 hours; or as soon as the property title is clear.

birmingham AL hard money lenders Alabama
DFW Hard Money – Birmingham AL Hard Loans

Hard Money Lenders In Birmingham AL – DFW Hardmoney.com

With over 20 years of real estate & real estate loan experience, DFW has helped many investors succeed with hard money loans.

We’re a private money lender serving real estate investors who are flipping houses and need funds for commercial property investments, transactional funding, developments, and more.

Hard Money Lenders Birmingham – A direct trusted hard money lender – We can help!

We operate in the following areas:

DFW, Denver and Colorado, Birmingham and Alabama, Tampa and Florida, Atlanta and Georgia, Kansas and Missouri, OKC and Oklahoma, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Nashville and Tennessee, Salt Lake City and Utah and Texas (Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, San Antonio)

1-4 Fix and Flip | Commercial | Multi-Family | Land Development | Vertical Construction | Transactional Funding | Purchase Price Only

Learn more about DFW Hard Money, call (817) 200-7575, or complete a no-obligation application today.

We’re happy to supply you with references and testimonials from the many real estate investors we’ve helped over the years.

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